Secondment product

SCHMDT Advocatuur is fortunate to be closely involved in the affairs of clients and their specific businesses as a legal sounding board for business development issues. As a result, SCHMDT Advocatuur has developed a secondment product for SMEs.

Think-tank Services (with Aernout Schmidt)

Every day I wake up realizing that I have been lucky. Born in the Netherlands in 1945, I have reached a respectable age without having to defend myself against war, poverty, genocide, pandemics. And in the past 55 years I have had the opportunity to gain and disseminate knowledge about how law and the information society have in fact co-evolved and continued to grow.

Full service debtcollection

SCHMDT Advocatuur institutes proceedings in Austria regarding money claims for the business community in the Netherlands by means of the order for payment procedure (‘Mahnverfahren’). If necessary, in preparation for the court claim SCHMDT Advocatuur may collaborate with Succes Inkasso GmbH who provides an automated tailor-made credit control tracking system to collect your claims in Austria.