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The site of SCHMDT Advocatuur may incorporate buttons or links to webpages on social (media) networks or third party sites, like for example Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook. SCHMDT Advocatuur is neither responsible for nor supervises the collection and processing of personal data by such third parties. The use of such media thus is on your own risk. Before using services of such third parties please be advised to study the applicable privacy statements first.

Contact form:

When you use the contact form on our site, we will collect personal data thus issued to us (such as email, name or telephone number) with the goal to handle your request and or to adequately respond to your request(s).


SCHMIDT Advocatuur collects information on the use of the site for statistical purposes. The personal data is principally gathered anonymously and will not be sold to third parties.

To increase the usability of the site of SCHMDT Advocatuur, we make use of `cookies´. A cookie is a small text file that is temporarily stored on your device, such as your computer, tablet or smartphone and saved by your browser. You can reject the use of cookies at any time, although this may limit the functionality and may make the use of our site less comfortable.

The site of SCHMDT Advocatuur also makes use of cookies of Google Analytics to, basically, monitor the use of the site and to follow general trends, as well as to gather (general) reports. This helps us to be able to improve the operability of the site. Google can provide this information to third parties if Google is legally obligated to do so or if third parties gather this information on behalf of Google. By using the site of SCHMDT Advocatuur you give permission for the collection of information by Google as mentioned and for the purposes as described above. Cookies are also stored by the use of buttons and/or links, as described above under “Use of the site”. SCHMDT Advocatuur does not have any control over such storage or use of cookies by third parties. On the site of the Autoriteit Consument en Markt ( you can read more about cookies and the way to block or to remove them.

If the site of SCHMDT offers you the possibility to make use of a blog or forum with free accessibility, all information published by that means can be read, collected and used by everyone, thus any third party. A request to remove personal data from a blog or forum can be issued via the contact form on the site of SCHMDT Advocatuur with an understandable description of the request stating the person involved c.q. the person making the request. In some cases SCHMDT Advocatuur is not able to remove personal data from a blog or forum. In that case we will inform you that we could not comply with your request and the reason why. In the case you post personal data via an application of a third party (via social media), then you will have to turn to that third party or the administrator of such application with requests for removal or other privacy related questions.