Menno Schmidt has extensive experience in many areas, including drafting and negotiating ICT licensing and distribution contracts, and advising on failed ICT projects. In addition, Mr Schmidt frequently acts as an arbitrator and has successfully settled many corporate disputes, either by finding a lasting solution or by achieving a favourable ruling in arbitration.

Mr Schmidt has also acted on behalf of several museums, including national museums in the Netherlands, and other cultural institutions, often in relation to loan and ownership issues, and copyright advice.

Furthermore, he is experienced in overcoming legal obstacles and skilfully managing the often lengthy procedures associated with disputes between shareholders and legal proceedings involving directors’ and officers’ liability. He also enjoys advising on agency, distribution and franchise agreements at the drafting stage and provides assistance in order to (amicably) terminate such contractual arrangements and settle related matters such as the allocation of customers, or goodwill payments.

Mr Schmidt also regularly handles transnational issues that are often perceived as very complex by entrepreneurs, such as transborder (temporary) employment contracts. Schmidt also drafts sports contracts, especially contract in relation to minors, have his special attention.