If needed SCHMDT Advocatuur collaborates with other colleagues in the Netherlands. For example, the firm has fruitfully collaborated in recent years with the following colleagues:

  • Mr P.J. Fresacher LLM, (DFLS Advocaten in Amsterdam), together with whom we resolved several  corporate law disputes succesfully.
  • Mr. C.G.M. Berendsen (IE- specialist in Amsterdam) in intellectual property related cases.
  • Mr J. Splinter LLM and Ms Froana Hoff LLM, both lawyers at Advocatenkantoor LEGAL LABELS in Leiden, in the case of (international) employment law and inheritance law disputes.

In addition, SCHMDT Advocatuur collaborates with Schubert Rechtsanwälte, a commercial law firm (“Wirtschaftskanzlei”) in Vienna, Austria that mainly specialises in corporate law and large-scale debt collection cases. After 20 years of collaboration, Menno Schmidt works together intuitively and effectively with the lawyers at Schubert. Despite the cultural differences in terms of background and legal thinking, Menno Schmidt has a unique and excellent professional relationship with these Austrian colleagues.

German-speaking clients and lawyers

Thanks to this extensive experience and successful track record in Austria, and obviously an excellent knowledge of Austrian legal practice (which is closely related to German legal practice), SCHMDT Advocatuur increasingly represents German-speaking clients in the Netherlands.

Austrian and German law firms regularly approach SCHMDT Advocatuur in order to request intervention on behalf of their clients. The ability to communicate effectively in German with professionals on the other side of the border, based on a good knowledge of and wide-ranging interest in the diversity of legislation, is clearly an advantage. Clients automatically feel understood and appreciated. In transborder disputes, the opposite also applies: being able to speak German when explaining a position from the perspective of a Dutch client in a discussion with a German-speaking colleague is more effective than holding the same conversation in English.