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SCHMDT Advocatuur is a Dutch law firm that specialises in corporate law, shareholder disputes, directors’ and officers’ liability cases, agency agreements, ICT software licensing contracts, distribution agreements, franchising, debt collection and collection enforcement in a transborder context.

Menno Schmidt founded SCHMDT Advocatuur to realise his vision of offering personal, high-quality legal advice in an increasingly globalising market. So the clients that Schmidt advises with great passion and personal dedication include German-speaking clients in the Netherlands as well as Dutch clients. More specifically, he also helps Dutch clients resolve transborder civil-law disputes in Austria.

Mr. Menno Schmidt
Mr. Menno Schmidt

Practical experience

Menno Schmidt has extensive experience in many areas, including drafting and negotiating ICT licensing and distribution contracts, and advising on failed ICT projects. In addition, Mr Schmidt frequently acts as an arbitrator and has successfully settled many corporate disputes, either by finding a lasting solution or by achieving a favourable ruling in arbitration.


SCHMDT Advocatuur collaborates with other law firms in the Netherlands. For example, the firm has fruitfully collaborated in recent years with Mr P. Fresacher LLM, one of the lawyers at DFLS Advocaten in Amsterdam, in order to successfully resolve corporate law disputes.

Secondment product

SCHMDT Advocatuur is fortunate to be closely involved in the affairs of clients and their specific businesses as a legal sounding board for business development issues. As a result, SCHMDT Advocatuur has developed a secondment product for SMEs.



SCHMDT Advocatuur has many years of experience in providing legal services in a transborder context. Our client base includes the following companies and organisations:

Menno Schmidt helped me in a high professional way to solve a legal issue with a customer of our company in the Netherlands. I foremost appreciate the dedication Menno puts into his work and his eye for detail without losing sight of the general picture. It is a pleasure working with him

Bruno Pedroni SRL, Milan, IT
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